Permasteelisa Guggenheim Museum

The state-of-the-art company behind world’s most famous landmarks

Our history is marked by a culture of pioneering, forward-thinking, continuous improvement and by a unique track record of historical landmarks.

Permasteelisa starts its operations in Italy originally with the name of I.S.A. ‘Infissi Serramenti Alluminio’ as a small window manufacturer.
In the continuous quest to expand the business, the I.S.A. management looks at southeast Asia, particularly Hong Kong and Singapore which offers extensive commercial opportunities because of land scarcity, a high concentration of financial institutions, and a fertile international business environment.
Acquisition of the Australian Permasteel. The merger of Permasteel and I.S.A. produces Permasteelisa (the new name would be used formally after 1988). In the 1980s, the Group's activities are focused, beside Italy and Europe, on the Asian market where, in addition to the acquisition of Permasteel, it signes several agreements with small and medium-sized local design companies.
The geographic diversification strategy becomes urgent. Permasteelisa focuses on the European market with exciting and technologically challenging projects, designed by architects more inclined to use high-tech design. The company works on large renovation projects in La Défense in Paris, Potsdamer Platz in Berlin, and Canary Wharf in London. Permasteelisa grows in Europe both organically, by opening UK and Belgium branches, and by acquisitions. Towards the end of the 1990s, the Group succeeds to enter the US market starting with the Interior market.
2000 - 10s
Permasteelisa consolidates its global leadership with a systemic and consolidated presence in the USA, Europe, Asia and Middle East, and stands among the leading curtain wall sector world players with advanced proprietary technology.
Permasteelisa celebrates the 50th anniversary. It is a premium brand of the Permasteelisa Group that by virtue of its international expansion set the basis for the Permasteelisa Group’s foundation. With its consolidated reputation and international recognition it provides bespoke and advanced technical solutions to the world’s most famous buildings. Among the projects recently completed or currently underway there are several landmarks including, just to name a few, the Vessel in New York, Porta Nuova Garibaldi in Milan, Battersea Power Station - Phase 3A, Prospect Place in London, Tour Alto at the heart of La Défense district in Paris, PNB 118 in Kuala Lumpur and MIRA Tower in San Francisco.