Battersea Power Station - Phase 3A, Prospect Place Project Cover
Ph.: © Peter Otto

Battersea Power Station, Phase 3A, Prospect Place

London | United Kingdom
Business Area
Design ArchitectGehry Partners, LLP
Executive ArchitectAdamson Associates Architects
Ph.: © Peter Otto
The Concept

The iconic Battersea Power Station project aims to bring back to life both the Power Station facility itself and the surrounding area situated along the banks of the River Thames. More precisely Phase 3 involves the construction of around 1,300 homes in a range of styles and sizes, along with a 160-room hotel, restaurants, leisure facilities and retail spaces. The scheme is developed in two different phases: Phase 3A and Phase 3B. Frank Gehry has designed Prospect Place, a complex of five buildings located on the opposite side of Electric Boulevard with undulating façade offering luxury apartments, penthouses and townhouses, each boasting terrace or winter garden, and sitting above double heights retail and dining spaces.


The façade is designed to take full advantage of the brightness of the buildings, thanks to the special undulating shape created by the protruding and receding volumes of winter gardens and terraces. The choice to use white aluminum panels for the façade allows filling the common areas between the buildings with a warm and enveloping light coming from the sun’s rays reflecting on the façade. The façade’s sinuousness and dynamism are particularly striking. They are the result of the way that the various components of the façade are put together to evoke the flowing sails of ships and trigger an interplay of particularly engaging reflections. The envelope comprises three main elements: customized, unitized glass façade units creating the internal walls of the cladding, unique white surfaces that give the shape to the building and unique spandrel panels. Everything pivots around the key area near the spandrel panel and the transition between this and the vision glass. The levels of complexity presented by this façade were as many and varied as the number of different units required. 

The Project
Scope of Work

The scope of work features the two Frank Gehry's buildings of the Phase 3A. Design & engineering, manufacture and installation of around 27,200 sqm (292,700 sq ft) of complex 3D shaped unitized façades.

Technical Details

CLIENT & DEVELOPER: Battersea Power Station Development Company (BPSDC)


EXECUTIVE ARCHITECT: Adamson Associates Architects

CONSTRUCTION MANAGER: Sir Robert McAlpine Limited

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