One Vanderbilt Project architecture
Ph.: © Max Touhey

One Vanderbilt

New York, NY | USA
Business Area
ArchitectKohn Pedersen Fox Associates
Ph.: © Max Touhey
The Concept

One Vanderbilt is a 427 m (1.401 ft) high skyscraper that redefines the Manhattan skyline and constitutes an important milestone in the ongoing modernization project involving the Midtown East area.

The building is the second tallest office tower in New York, the tallest in Midtown and one of New York’s most sustainable office towers. Owned and developed by SL Green, the iconic building designed by Kohn Pedersen Fox (KPF) Associates features four interlocking and tapering planes that spiral toward the sky.


427 m / 1401 ft

57 stories tall

With a size of 160.000 sqm (1.7 million sq ft), the building is LEED Gold® and offers an unparalleled package of amenities, innovative office design, technology offerings, best-in-class sustainability practices and a prime location at the doorstep of Grand Central Terminal.

The Project
Scope of Work

Design & engineering, manufacture and installation of 68,270 sqm (735,000 sq ft) of curtain wall.

An extremely advanced facade

The project has been performed by Permasteelisa Group through its subsidiary Permasteelisa North America with the support of other competence centers spread around the world in Europe and Asia. The Group has designed, engineered and produced 8,743 curtain wall panels, with 1,060 different configurations for a total of around 70,000 sqm (753,500 sq ft) of curtain wall. This includes 660 corner panels that were all different from each other as the tower is tapering from the bottom to the top, resulting in several unique panel modulations.


In particular, this façade is characterized by two main typical panels. The vision panels, which are used at the typical office space unit, are equipped with very tall glass that reach almost 6.7 m (22 ft) on the executive floors, and a ventilated spandrel panel cladded by terracotta tiles. There are 34,845 extruded terracotta tiles, with a very specific concave shape and finishing that reflects most of the sun beams during the day, creating amazing reflections. In addition, a special solution was developed for the mechanical floor units, which are equipped with a unique three IGU faces, of which one is recessed from the others in order to allow for natural ventilation.

Technical Details

OWNER & DEVELOPER: SL Green Realty Corp.

ARCHITECT: Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates


CONTRACTOR: Tishman Construction

VIDEO CREDIT: SL Green Realty Corp.

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