Shanghai Foxconn Headquarters Building
Ph.: Kris Provoost

Shanghai Foxconn Headquarters

Shanghai | P.R. of China
Business Area
Permasteelisa, Gartner
ARCHITECTKris Yao Artech
Ph.: Fei Chun Ying
The Concept

The building is located at one of the last riverside properties in the Lujiazui Financial District which symbolizes like no other area the economic growth and rise of China with iconic buildings like Jin Mao Building and the Shanghai World Finance Centre. The project is developed by Foxconn as a prime office building. The design architect Kris Yao Artech created a comparatively transparent façade with high quality standards fulfilling the thermal requirements in Shanghai.


The building envelope is designed with an externally ventilated double-skin façade with a unitized outer skin and a window wall as the internal façade. The outer skin features the panel mullions, transoms and the entire panels with different angles creating a very distinct pattern. The distance between the exterior façade and the interior façade varies between 300 mm and 600 mm. The mullions of the outer skin are vertically inclined by 72.49 degrees, whereas the transoms are horizontally (in-/outside) off-set by 15.95 degrees. The entire panel is inclined by 94.93 degrees. Everything is repeated in a zig-zag pattern, creating a very distinct geometric pattern highlighted by the different daylight situations. In order to achieve the appearance requested by the architect, very close tolerances of the butt joints were respected throughout installation. Special static requirements such as increased wind loads had to be met.

The Project
Scope of Work

Design & engineering, manufacturing and installation of 45,000 sqm (484,400 sq ft) externally ventilated double-skin façade.

Different façade types were installed:
Double-skin façade with triangular horizontal section. External ventilation of the façade cavity via a ventilation device mounted on the window sill of the transversal beam of the panels. Low iron laminated glass with SGP interlayer.
Single-skin unitised façade system with LED screen behind. Sloped façade panels with triangle horizontal section. Low iron laminated glass with SGP interlayer.
At ground floor, a two-storey high stick system façade has been built. Sloped façade panels with triangular horizontal section. Low iron laminated glass with SGP interlayer.

Technical Details

OWNER: Shanghai Foxconn, Shanghai

ARCHITECT: Kris Yao Artech, Shanghai

FAÇADE CONSULTANT: Meinhardt, Shanghai

More Information

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