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Ph.: Courtesy of Henry J Lyons

One Wilton Park

Dublin | Ireland
Business Area
Ph.: Courtesy of Henry J Lyons
The Concept

Located on the banks of Dublin’s Grand Canal, close to the Leeson Street gateway to the Dublin city centre, the development by IPUT includes a new office building over nine floors that will set a new benchmark in architecture, design, and finish. The structure offers around 17,400 sqm (187,300 sq ft) of commercial space and features a full-height glazed façade and a double-height glazed entry lobby. A dramatic six-story atrium space connects the buildings central and Cumberland Road wings.


The main façade comprises horizontal strong-back spandrel units up to 9 meters long with bronze anodized extruded profile and mirror polished brackets supporting triple laminated external glass fins. The vision area consists of a structurally glazed façade system with vision and shadow box panels and a ceramic frit on triple silver coated glass. The 929 shading devices of various widths feature triple laminated low iron rectangular glass with a copper mesh interlayer, mechanically restrained by stainless steel clamp brackets provided at each floor level. The entrance glass fin wall is comprised of oversize 8-meter height triple laminated glass fins, structurally bonded on continuous mirror polished plates, acting as mullion profiles to support double-glazed laminated glass units. The atrium space cladding is a six-story high tensioned cable glass wall, enclosed by a trapezoidal glazed roof which is made of diamond shape double-glazed units. One Wilton is the new office of the tech company LinkedIn.


Designed to achieve the certification goal of LEED Platinum® and WELL Building Standard® Gold level certification.

The Project
Scope of Work

Design & engineering, manufacture, and installation of 6,200 sqm (66,700 sq ft) of unitized curtain wall, 3,300 sqm (35,500 sq ft) of stick façade, 125 sqm (1,300 sq ft) of canopy, 300 sqm (3,200 sq ft) of aluminum soffit for an overall area of around 9,900 sqm (106,500 sq ft).

Technical Details



ARCHITECT: Henry J Lyons

CONTRACTOR: John Sisk & Son

VIDEO CREDIT: Courtesy of IPUT plc

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