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The Perelman Center

New York, NY | USA
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Permasteelisa, Gartner
Design ArchitectREX
Executive ArchitectDavis Brody Bond
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The Concept

The Perelman Center is located on the northeast corner of the World Trade Center complex in Manhattan. The 42-m-high, cube-shaped building features a one-of-a-kind translucent glass façade made of Portuguese marble. During the day, the façade appears a solid stone while at night, the façade is lit from within, emitting a warm glow shining at night that is visible from afar. The architect's design concept features a special arrangement of the façade units; all four sides of the cube should look similar in the end. Starting vertically from the center, stone panels are installed that have a stronger marbling and are therefore darker in colour. These panels are followed by façade units with a less pronounced veining that is gradually increasing again towards the outer edges of the building.

The Project
Scope of Work

Design & engineering, manufacturing and installation of 6,960 sqm (646,584 sq ft) unitized stone & glass façade with translucent marble from Portugal, laminated in double glazing.

The marble of the Perelman Center comes from a quarry in Portugal. The stone blocks extracted there are cut into 12 mm thin slices and the porous surface and cracks are sealed with a special resin. After drying, the stone panels are laminated with an EVA film and finally assembled to form an insulating glass more than 50 mm thick. Each stone was photographed and numbered separately, as the architect uses these photographs to determine the final position of each stone on the façade. The substructure of the façade consists of up to 23 m long steel trusses and special connecting parts to adjust the individual steel trusses that finally span the building height of 42 m. The assembly of the façade units and the steel works were carried out in Gundelfingen, Germany.

Technical Details

OWNER: The Perelman Center at the World Trade Center

CLIENT: Sciame Construction, LLC




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