Brickell Arch Project Building
Ph.: © Woodruff/Brown Architectural Photography

Brickell Arch

Miami, FL | USA
Business Area
ArchitectKohn Pedersen Fox Associates
Ph.: © Woodruff/Brown Architectural Photography
The Concept

Visually and architecturally, the Brickell Arch (aka Espirito Santo Plaza) is a truly unique feature along Brickell Avenue, in the heart of Miami’s international financial district: a true and proper 36-story, sculpted glass-and-steel tower. The highlight of the building is its concave front arch, reflecting the developers’ view of this building as an icon of Miami’s role as the gateway to Latin America, Europe, and the world at large. Detached horizontal fins, ­equally spaced over the entire façade, accentuate the arch during the day. The project is the first high-rise office building in southern Florida with hurricane-resistant glass.


148 m / 486 ft

36 stories tall

The 27,400 sqm (295,000 sq ft) glass and curtain wall includes 20 different types of glass of over 500 sizes. The flood-proof storefront comprises 1,400 sqm (15,000 sq ft) of steel tube framing clad in stainless steel. Additional work includes a 1,100 sqm (11,800 sq ft) glass channel wall covering one elevation of the garage. There are also two skylights: one located at the 6th floor podium, covering a 4-story water court, the other topping off the building at the 35th floor. The latter covers a 10-story residential atrium with views overlooking the Bay.

The Project
Scope of Work

35,400 sqm (381,000 sq ft) of curtain wall, storefronts, skylights, and glass channel wall.

Technical Details
Ph.: © Woodruff/Brown Architectural Photography
Ph.: © Woodruff/Brown Architectural Photography
Brickell Arch Project facade and curtain wall
Ph.: © Woodruff/Brown Architectural Photography

DEVELOPER: Estoril, Inc.

ARCHITECT: Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates


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