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Taipei 101

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ARCHITECTC.Y. Lee & Partners
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The Concept

Taipei 101 is a 101-story high-rise building. At 508 m (1,667 ft), it currently is the tallest building in Taipei and among the tallest in the world. The curtain wall uses enhanced double-glazing systems with tinted glass that offers broad vision from the interior. The slanted exterior curtain wall maximizes the penetration of natural light without any reflective glare. The high-tech insulated glazing has a special treatment that reduces two-thirds of the external heat to save energy and provide comfort.


508 m / 1667 ft

101 stories tall

Approximately 20,000 units clad the tower and the podium totalizing 125,000 sqm (over 1.3 million of sq ft) of a pressure equalized, unitized system engineered to withstand seismic and typhoon loadings. There are also several special cladding features, such as the 2-story high 32 stainless steel elements weighing 5 tonnes each and the 14 m / 46 ft diameter discs with a projection of 4 m / 13 ft. The 7-story podium provides the space for the Taipei 101 Shopping Mall. It consists of many different systems, skylights, 5 mm thick aluminum hook-on systems, stainless steel and granite shop fronts, complex canopy designs and point system glazing. The podium is enclosed by a 42 m (137.8 ft) high glass skylight, one of the world’s largest indoor public spaces. Taipei 101 is LEED® Platinum.

The Project
Scope of Work

125,000 sqm (over 1.3 million of sq ft) of cladding and curtain wall.

Technical Details

DEVELOPER: Taipei Financial Center Corp. Ltd.

ARCHITECT: C.Y. Lee & Partners

ENGINEER: Evergreen Consulting Engineering, Inc.

CONTRACTOR: K.T.R.T. (Kumagai Gumi Co., Ltd./Taiwan Kumagai Co., Ltd./RSEA Engineering Corp./Ta-Yo-Wei Construction Co.), a Joint Venture

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