CityLife - Hadid Residences Project Canvas
Ph.: Courtesy of CityLife | © Hayes Davidson

CityLife, Hadid Residences

Milan | Italy
Business Area
ARCHITECTZaha Hadid Architects
Ph.: Courtesy of CityLife | © Hayes Davidson
The Concept

The Zaha Hadid residences, an intrinsic element of the redevelopment project for the former trade fair district of Milan, include seven typologically consistent buildings designed to merge into a continuous profile created inside two buildable areas. The roof contour of the buildings presents an unbroken sinuous line that characterizes the entire complex. The 30,000 sqm (323,000 sq ft) glass façades and both composite and wood paneling of the buildings have been designed in ‘relief’ to make room for a wide range of indoor and outdoor spaces. Picking up the sinuous progress of the roofing, the curved line of balconies defines the movement of the façade, which echoes the surrounding landscape. The ground floor displays large full-height entrances to the various buildings. These impressive doorways transversally dissect the architectural profile, directing the eyes of pedestrians and conveying a strong impression of a visual embrace that includes the park. Though morphological conditions have been extensively considered for the ground floor and foundations, the project is formally dominated by the urban horizon, namely the roofing contour, whose curved shapes enhance all attics located on the topmost floor with large roof terraces. The roofing profile is a key feature of the project, both because the residential complex will mostly be visible from the topmost floors of the three surrounding skyscrapers, and because the progress of the roofing outline of the building complex can create a rich and highly dynamic living landscape.

The Project
Scope of Work

Design & engineering, manufacture and installation of 30,000 sqm (323,000 sq ft) of stick system façade and 12,300 sqm (132,400 sq ft) of parapet cladding. There are more than 2 million pieces, all made in Italy and 60% of them have a single code, making them one of a kind. The result is a façade-puzzle, like a skin over the reinforced concrete skeleton of the buildings.

Technical Details

DEVELOPER: CityLife S.p.A.

ARCHITECT: Zaha Hadid Architects

CONTRACTOR: Tre Torri Contractor S.c.a.r.l.

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