Gas Natural Project Cover
Ph.: © Gardin&Mazzoli

Gas Natural

Barcelona | Spain
Business Area
ArchitectMiralles Tagliabue EMBT
Ph.: © Gardin&Mazzoli
The Concept

The small staircase in the Barceloneta district with its nearby houses, parks and the new high-rise buildings portrays the verticality of an office tower and the fragmentation of a series of buildings of different sizes that come together to form a single block. Located on the Avenida del Doctor Aiguader, very close to the waterfront and not far from Hotel Arts and Golden Fish - two further projects realized by Permasteelisa Group in this area - the tower reaches 86 m (282 ft) and, thanks to its sinuous design and crystal shape, has become a new landmark in the city skyline. The large projecting, 22-floor high structure, creates a unique public space that follows the building down to the ground, designing an urban landscape of different sizes. More precisely the tower features two independent, horizontal glazed blocks cantilevering out from the main structure. Permasteelisa has developed and installed 22,000 sqm (236,800 sq ft) of glass surface with the modular system for a total of approximately 3,700 panels.

The Project
Scope of Work

22,000 sqm (236,800 sq ft) of glass surface with the modular system, for a total of approximately 3,700 panels.

Technical Details

CLIENT: Gas Natural SDG, S.A.

ARCHITECT: Miralles Tagliabue EMBT

CONTRACTOR: ACS Proyectos, Obras y Construcciones, S.A.

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