Isla Chamartín Project Canvas

Torre Chamartín

Madrid | Spain
Business Area
ARCHITECTE.A.3. Técnicos Asociados, s.l.p.
The Concept

Torre Chamartín is a large urban complex developed between the M-30 and M-11 motorways in the Chamartín district, one of the most exclusive areas in Madrid. Located in the North of the city, it is the financial area par excellence, the seat of the main and biggest companies in Spain. This innovative and highly sustainable complex encompasses a 4-story office structure, the 'South Building', hosting around 4,500 sqm (48,400 sq ft)  of Class A commercial space and the tower, the 'North Building', rising 86,5 m (284 ft) and offering 13,790 sqm (148,400 sq ft) of modern and flexible office space distributed in 18 floors. The high-rise, which offers panoramic views of the city, can boast  various environmentally friendly features such as photovoltaic cells and a highly-efficient, dynamic Interactive Wall® façade guaranteeing plenty of daylight to the interiors. In 2019 Torre Chamartin achieved LEED Platinum® certification.

The Project
Scope of Work

8,650 sqm (93,100 sq ft) of Interactive Wall©, 3,550 sqm (38,200 sq ft) of aged zinc sheets, 1,750 (18,850 sq ft) of perforated aluminum sheets for an overall area of around 14,000 sqm (150,700 sq ft). 

Technical Details

CLIENT & CONTRACTOR: Merlin Oficinas S.L.U.

ARCHITECT: E.A.3. Técnicos Asociados, s.l.p.

More Information

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