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La Défense, Paris | France
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The Concept

Tour ALTO is a unique tower and an iconic project that will transform the skyline of the La Défense district in Paris. Designed by IF Architectes, with SRA Architectes acting as Executive Architect, the 38 floors of the 150-metre tower will house high-class offices on a total surface area of 51,000 sqm (549,000 sq ft): an architectural and technological masterpiece that combines sustainability, aesthetics and functionality. 


150 m / 492 ft

38 stories tall

The project is part of a district development plan. The elegant, flexible shapes of this surprising building will renew the area's architectural environment, its forms in stark contrast with the geometry and linear shapes of other local constructions. On the other hand, the bright and stimulating internal areas promote social well-being and inspire creative excellence, conviviality and productivity through their poly-functional, comfortable, rational features. Moreover, Permasteelisa has always stood apart from the crowd for its commitment to environmental sustainability. Its use of sustainable materials and processes and commitment to constantly developing solutions able to guarantee energy savings all contribute to protecting the environment - making buildings more liveable and, lastly, improving the quality of the world we live in. The Tour ALTO project, in particular, is aimed at obtaining the BREEAM Excellent Certification – the most important method for evaluating sustainability in buildings worldwide – thanks to the use of highly efficient technologies, such as the double skin insulating façade. Tour ALTO has already been awarded the WiredScore Platinum; it is one of the first in France to gain this label.

The Project
Scope of Work

21,400 sqm (230,350 sq ft) of fully bespoke, double-skin façade with 3,700 units of 1,700 different types.

Original aesthetics and high-performance: the features of Tour ALTO
The tower rises from a base of 600 sqm (6,450 sq ft) that expands gradually as it reaches its maximum height, to arrive at 1,800 sqm (19,400 sq ft) on the top platform: the surface area of the floors grows parallel with the building’s height. Its unusual flared shape required specific technological solutions, the edge beam on each floor was moved outwards by 12 cm, and with it, the façade was also moved.

The project also features 21,400 sqm (230,350 sq ft) of glass: the apparent fluidity of the tower and its innovative architectural design have required customized solutions, resulting in a unique building façade - the only one of its kind in France. It is a double skin façade that provides insulation and ventilation, thus generating better performing and more comfortable work environments. The functional aspect complements the aesthetic aspect: the building is clad in 3,700 scales in glass and steel, in 1,700 different types. Architectural skins have become indispensable not only in promoting sustainable urban development, but also in transforming cities into more aesthetically pleasant places.

Technical Details

DEVELOPER: SCI White Tower / Linkcity



CONTRACTOR: Bouygues Bâtiment Ile-de-France

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