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A trusted partner to the world's top architects, general contractors and developers

Our expertise

The Permasteelisa Group engineers, designs and manufactures architectural envelopes for signature landmark buildings throughout the world, applying constant innovation in the fields of quality, safety and environment through the use of advanced technologies.



Our specialties
Architectural envelopes
Architectural elements
Architectural envelopes

The building envelope is the place where innovations are being made; experimenting with specially-designed properties and features, new production processes, fluid forms. It not only serves the important aesthetic function of first impression of every building, it also performs as thermal, acoustic, and weather barrier between inside and outside. Our typical approach is a ‘sartorial’ one, where the most appropriate technical and technological solutions are tailored to the design of each building we construct. Each one of these projects contribute to the growth of our Group allowing for key steps forward in terms of knowledge and ability to win even the most difficult and complex challenges. Every project for us is a new adventure, a journey we are always ready to start along with our people and clients.

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Innovation is the key

We are always striving to improve and find the best solutions to both technical and architectural challenges constantly engaged in advanced façade technologies.

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Effectiveness and efficiency

Our holistic approach is collaborative and time efficient, enabling the delivery of projects without compromising specification or quality

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